Website Evalution

Proactive vs Reactive

A website evaluation is essential for businesses seeking peak performance, addressing issues proactively, and ensuring a seamless online experience that captivates customers.

We Create Order Out Of Chaos

We’ve seen it all. Recover from situations where developers have disappeared, projects have become a patchwork of complexity, or have been otherwise neglected.


Hacked Sites

Shield against chaos: our expertise can both prevent hacks or initiate rapid recovery, securing your digital presence and restoring business continuity.

Poor Structure

Unravel potential: our expertise reshapes poor website structures, optimizing navigation and functionality for an impactful user experience and heightened online performance.


Performance Issues

Performance matters: Lagging websites hurt revenue. Our solutions optimize speed, responsiveness, and reliability, ensuring a seamless online experience that maximizes profitability.


Abandoned Sites

Reignite your presence: Ghosted by your developer? We specialize in recovery, bringing neglected online spaces back to life for renewed impact and success.


Who Is This For?

The One-Time Website Evaluation is ideal for founders or organizations who:

What's Evaluated & Included?

Hosting environment
Email environment (if applicable)
Security posture
Plugin inventory
Backend structure (the admin area)
Basic SEO
Report & recommended steps forward


¹ One-time purchase credit applied to a Foundation To-Go purchase or the first month of your Web Strategy Membership if you later decide you need long-term support. Offer valid up to three (3) months after purchase date and cannot be combined.

$497 USD ¹

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