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High-End Web Solutions
for Busy Executives


Your Long-Term Web Strategy Solution

• We’ll build your initial website or migrate your current ones

• Your membership also covers all necessary software licenses + creation & management of future sites related to the same business (e.g. primary, shop, & landing sites)

• Earn a one-time or recurring 10% commission through our referral program

• 30-day money-back guarantee

A Rock-Solid Foundation
for Your Business Website

The Foundation To-Go service is ideal for founders or organizations who:

• Have bought a domain and don’t know what to do next
• Have some technical knowledge, but are short on time
• Have a preferred designer, but need a solid foundation

Proactive vs Reactive

A website evaluation is essential for businesses seeking peak performance, addressing issues proactively, and ensuring a seamless online experience that captivates customers. Recover from abandoned and neglected websites.



For Web Strategy Members

Access your account history, knowledge base, tutorials, Website Continuity Plan, & cloud storage with team access for seamless collaboration.


Dedicated Technical Support

Reclaim time spent figuring out random technical issues, so you can focus on running your business.

Proactive Security Approach

Prevent data compromise and time wasted due to attacks.

Website Continuity Plan

Be prepared! Avoid disaster scenarios with distributed backup locations. We create & maintain full documentation of your website setup throughout organizational changes & successful company exits.

Ask us anything

Unfortunately, no. Due to the level of service we aim to provide and the resources involved, we’ve learned that the best client fit for us are the very active, forward-thinking, income-generating individuals, businesses & organizations. Our solutions are

We happily support single-page portfolio sites, eCommerce, worldwide membership sites, and nearly everything in between. Primarily WordPress, but we occasionally support Squarespace websites as well. With regard to industries, we’ve only had one case so far where a potential client’s industry presented a moral conflict for us, so we declined.

Per policy, we do not work with clients in the following industries: adult entertainment, cryptocurrency, forex, gambling, illegal activities; all political, violent, or extremist groups. If you choose to book, and we discover during the consultation that your business falls into one of these categories, the engagement will end, and 50% of the fee will be refunded to you. Consultation no-shows (5 minute grace period) will not receive a refund.


Yes! Please view the One-Time Website Evaluation if you’re in panic mode. And breathe…


Astra, Hello Elementor, GeneratePress, X Theme, Jupiter Theme & many others. Custom themes are always an option as well.


Yes! As a bonus of the Web Strategy Membership, you will earn 10% on a one-time or recurring basis for each successful referral for as long as they remain clients. Terms & Conditions apply.

All major credit/debit cards (Visa, Amex, Mastercard, Discover), Apple Pay, & Google Pay are accepted.

Cash is not accepted.

All payments are securely processed through Stripe.


Currently, all services are billed in US dollars, however payment methods can be of any major currency accepted by Stripe (view current list here). We’re aware of the major economic shift underway, and shall adjust accordingly.



Currently no, but that day will soon come.


All payments are subscription-based to minimize the risk of this happening. However in the unfortunate event that a subscription payment fails, the following sequence will kick in based on the LATE PAYMENT & SERVICE SUSPENSION/TERMINATION section of our Terms of Service: “Late payments shall incur additional fees of 1.25% of the balance due, every seven (7) calendar days. The maximum monthly late fee is 5% of the total balance due. All services (website and/or email hosting) shall be SUSPENDED after seven (7) calendar days of non-payment. All services (website and/or email hosting) shall be TERMINATED after fourteen (14) days of non-payment. All data will be archived and made available for retrieval, or shall upon request, be migrated to another platform at the hourly rate applicable at the time of incident.”


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