About 3130 Design

Entrepreneur, photographer, writer & web developer Chris Pearson smiling with Canon AE-1 Program 35mm camera in hand.

Who am I?

A web strategist & photographer with over a decade of experience building and maintaining small business websites people love.

Entrepreneurship is one of my greatest passions. For me, it’s something magical to see someone start with a single thought and go through the hard work of bringing that idea to market. Throughout that process, the business owner wears many hats, and sometimes web design & maintenance are either last on the list or too complicated for them to manage.

This is where 3130 Design steps in. I use my talents & skills to help clients manifest their ideas into reality on their piece of the web. In essence, I serve as the “oil in the machine” that keeps a number of small businesses thriving online.

businesses & organizations I support


We’re currently available for quick support, project-based, and long-term management work.

We support a number of clients on a retainer + hourly basis for the best in proactive website maintenance and the occasional surges in business activity. We’re also available on an hourly basis (view plans) for isolated requests (e.g site audits, configuration issues, recovering hacked sites, email or site migrations, etc.). Contact us below to find out how we can serve your business needs!