About Us

Our Mission & Values

Our Mission:

1. To serve as a critical asset to your team without becoming a single point of failure for your business.

2. To eliminate the stress & anxiety around web development & maintenance.

3. To keep your web presence relevant as industries evolve.

4. To increase your cash flow through our membership's referral program.

Our Values:


We never value money over a clear conscience. If something doesn’t work as planned, we take responsibility. If processing a refund is the right thing to do, we will do so. We value great working relationships with honest entrepreneurs and organizations who are adding something positive to the world. We reserve the right to decline (or end) an engagement with any business or organization that doesn’t align with our principles & morals–this includes poor manners.

Premium Service

We refuse to cut corners in any of our tasks. Doing so at a minimum results in wasted time and resources, but would definitely limit the number and complexity of problems we could solve.

Our experience has led us to constantly research, create, and/or invest in the best solutions to:

1. Ensure a secure, fast, & reliable environment for websites
2. Prevent catastrophic scenarios (e.g. leaked customer data or a site crashing without proper backups)
3. Quickly solve unique business problems as they arise
4. Maintain accurate documentation of online assets

Additionally, staying current on a few complimentary skills has allowed us to address various needs such as: photography, graphic design, social media support, Amazon Audible, Kindle Direct Publishing, & Amazon Seller Central (FBA) setup, helping businesses pivot to online sales during the Covid-19 lockdowns, coordinating with other vendors on your behalf, and everything in between related to providing a full business web strategy solution. As the saying goes, “everything is figureoutable”.


We believe in establishing a circle of gratitude whether through our referral program (available to our Web Strategy Members), or by inviting people to donate to various charities we support. We’ll even donate referral payouts to a cause of your choice if you prefer.

They Believe in Us

Premium Support +
Passive Income from Every Referral